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Since cashing out is something every casino player is interested in we figured it makes sense to cover that first. To ensure a safe and smooth transition of your funds a mandatory and specific process is set in motion.

Royal Casino Payment Methods

Welcome to the Royal Swipe Casino. A casino that offers premium services on every level. Besides our 1000+ game collection of market leading developers NetEnt and Microgaming, our support team that is available to answer all your questions 24/7; we host all the important payment processors.

We are proud to offer deposit and withdrawal with Neteller, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer and paying by phone. We can imagine all these options can be a bit overwheling. A luxury problem, but still, something that needs attention. No worries, we are here to help! In this article we explain to you the pros and cons of every payment processor. If you still have problems choosing; feel free to ask our support for help!

Save time and money!

Using the right deposit and withdrawal method can save you lots of time and money! But it aint as easy as pointing out the ‘best’ payment service, it’s more a matter of choosing the service that fits your needs and is operating in your country. For instance, a withdrawal through bank transfer is really cheap but it takes more time to process. If you have no problem waiting a couple of days before your withdrawal is processed, bank transfer might suit you well. If you want to have direct access to your money and are make a lot of transfers, an e-wallet is probably more convenient for you. Though these ask a small fee per transfer.

Pay by Phone
Mobile Billing
Pay via Phone
E-wallets (Neteller & WebMoney)

Casino Pay By Phone

Remember going to a casino and finding a parking spot, waiting in line, getting chips, finding a proper table etc etc. Who would have thought back then that you could get an entire casino experience on your mobile phone! And we’re not talking about just the games, no even the entire registration, deposit and withdrawal process! As long as you have a smartphone with an internet connection, you can play your favourite casino games whenever and wherever you want!

Casino Mobile billing

Go to the app store, buy an app and pay later with your phone bill. That’s how we do most of our shopping in the Apple store or Google Play Store and now that’s how you can deposit on online casinos as well. You never have to think about your payments, they simply got written off automatically at the end of the month. Convenience at its finest! Just two reminders: you can’t withdraw using mobile billing and it’s hard to keep track of your spendings. So use this payment method responsible or try another method like an e-wallet that gives more insight in your balance.

Casino Pay Via Phone

With the apps PayViaPhone and PayByPhone, you have access to a personal gateway between the casino, you and the bank. Easily installed and configured, you can make deposits with just a touch on your screen! In comparison with paying mobile phone bill, these apps give you a better overview of your spendings. Of Course there are small fees with such an app, but we think it’s just a small price to pay for such a great service! Pay Via Phone is one of our personal favourites!


Casino Credit Cards

Credit card companies and casinos have been working together longer than most of us are alive! No later than the fifties credit cards helped the economy booming by providing a way to pay products in advance. Vegas was one of the first places where credit cards like VISA and Mastercard proved their worth. No wonder credit cards are still very popular for processing payments. Thanks to all these years of experience, credit card companies feel safe to insure purchases. They only work with trustworthy casinos, that’s why they work with us!

Casino e-Wallet

If we are purchasing so much online? How come we don’t have a wallet online? A safe keeper where we keep all our funds, without having to worry about someone taking it. That same question is what the developers of Neteller and Skrill asked themselves. These e-wallet services provide great services, especially for casino games enthousiasts. Besides depositing and withdrawing, they offer currency exchange and shipping of products. The e-wallets work with a handy app so that you can manage all financial traffic on your phone. All of these services come at a small fee, usually a little percentage of the amount transferred. A small price to pay for so much value!

But how does these wallets work? It’s simple, you either deposit money from your bank account to your e-wallet or you let your e-wallet service automatically withdraw money from your bank account.

Casino PayPal

Everybody needs a PayPal. Someone that makes payments easy and looks after your purchases. Paying with nothing more than an email address, PayPal is ideal for mobile casino payments! This is perhaps the only online payment service that can measure itself with the big creditcards. And for good reason! Casino PayPal is one of our premium choices! Currently exclusively available for people from the UK.

Casino Banktransfer

For people that don’t necessarily need an e-wallet, play and pay on their smartphone or a credit card, a bank transfer is more than sufficient. It’s safe, the fees are minimal and you need nothing extra. The only ‘downside’ is that a bank can take a bit longer to process a transfer, though modern banks have improved their process time drastically compared to ten years ago. Mainly thanks to digitalisation. If you play for fun and are not in a hurry for cash, why not use the bank transfer casino option?!

Casino Bitcoin

Bitcoin is coming to the world of casinos! Though we are not offering this payment method yet, we are watching the developments regarding cryptocurrency very closely. As soon as we regard Bitcoin to be 100% safe, we will consider adding the blockchain to our list of transaction methods. We do believe cryptocurrency will have their place in the future, but what this place is gonna be exactly is still not defined.


What Casino payment method fits your playstyle?

Are you a highroller or do you like to keep it small? Are you fixed fee paying per transaction or are you paying a percentage of a transaction? Do you want your money as quick as possible? Do you want to have real life insight in your funds and spendings? Do you need a transaction service for more than just casino spendings? These questions are for you to ask yourself before you choose the option that fits you best. Seems overwhelming? Don’t worry, it doesn’t really matter what you choose! All payment services have evolved in such a way that the difference is in the details.

As you can see listed above, we even offer many more than the ones we discussed! VISA, Apple Pay, EcoPayz, PayviaPhone, MuchBetter and PaySafeCard for instance! Just pick your favourite payment method when depositing funds into your account. If you feel you’ve had enough of gaming for fun and are ready to play for real money, Royal Swipe is glad to offer you a variety of payment options both for money deposits & withdrawals. Withdrawals are handled and processed within 1 business day. Please refer to the table above for additional transaction times.

If you have any problems with depositing funds, don’t worry, you can contact one of our highly trained customer services people 24 hours of the day by email or online chat – Contact Us.

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